Do You Ever Get Upset?

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No more upsets. No more suffering. No more pain. ONLY PEACE! I figured it out! I have finally figured out how to never be upset, stressed, or have any fear. Image what you could achieve if you were at peace every second of every day no matter what!

Do you know how?

This is how it happened for me…

It was in March of 2015. I had a discovery. An “Ah-ha” moment as Oprah would say. I was having a conversation with my son’s father and was asking him to take a course that I took 10 years ago. I explained to him that if he took the course he would have no suffering, no upsets, and he could be unstoppable. He turned to me and he said, “why would I take that course when you’re always upset and you’ve been suffering since I’ve known you?” I stopped and thought for a moment, and thought wow he’s right! Good point. Why was a suffering, and why was I upset? I had the tools to not be, but here I was upset, and on a roller coaster ride in our relationship. I had been in pain, creating drama, and doing all the things that I knew not to do but was creating it, and expected him to fix it.

I thought about it for a while. I looked inward and still couldn’t figure it out. Why couldn’t I stop this and just be truly happy and at peace?

A few days later, I was having another day where I was feeling upset. My ex husband happened to text me from Serbia and asked how I my day was going, and responded okay. He texted me back saying would you like to talk? I said no, I need to think. He sent me three text messages that really resonated. The 3 texts were:

  1. Practice being present and surrendering to what is.
  2. Everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.
  3. There is nothing wrong.

I then texted him back saying let’s talk.I spoke to him briefly and he recommended that I listen to Eckart Tolle on Youtube. I’ve been resisting listening to him because I did a course 10 years ago, and it seemed like it was the same thing. Why would I listen to him if I already knew it? Now, was the time to start listening to him. I was ready. What I’ve been doing for the last year and a half since my divorce wasn’t working for me. I needed a refresher of some kind. After an hour of listening to him for about an hour, I realize what had been happening, what I had been doing. I wasn’t being present. I wasn’t watching my thoughts. I wasn’t being conscious. I was letting my ego, or my little voice in my head run my life. You see, Ego loves drama. Ego loves pain. As soon as I became conscious, and started listening to my thoughts, listening to that little voice in my head, I instantly had peace. I noticed, that what had been doing is judging, labelling, not being accepting of myself or my sons father. I was creating stories around past and future things that didn’t really exist. As soon as I realize this, I instantly had peace. That’s the solution. That’s how you have peace. That’s how you have no suffering, no upsets, and no more pain. I can be at peace in every situation  and in every moment, because I don’t make it mean anything. I don’t judge it. I don’t label it. It is what it is.

Imagine how that feels.

2 thoughts on “Do You Ever Get Upset?

  1. Heather, Eckhart Tolle is absolutely the best. I’ve subscribed to his website since it started about 5 years ago and have read all his books. There is nobody like him, his wisdom has changed my life. I do find that I still need constant reminding though, it’s not enough to “know” it, you must practise presence and awareness constantly. Your words are another reminder. Well said!

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