Big Day!

I can now officially say that I am a #1 Best selling author! In 2010, I signed on to be part of “Defining Moments” book project. 12 Authors from all over the world contributed their stories of courage and overcoming some of life’s challenges. The … [Read more...]

4 Deep Questions for Making Authentic Decisions

This article will enable you to tune in to your true  self, to be at peace with ideas for making  moves, as opposed to aimlessly pursuing the ever-enchanting thought of “more.” Here are 4 Deep Questions for Making Authentic Decisions   At any … [Read more...]

The Secret Psychology of Moving from a Job to Business Owner

"You may look in the mirror at your work-out clothes, covered in dog hair, and down at your slippers and think about whether, quite possibly, the way you treat yourself,  may be affecting how your business treats you." The Secret Psychology of … [Read more...]

Top Struggle When You Work for Yourself

Has anything like this ever happened for you? A customer contacts you to get "one more tiny thing" done that they need your help with. It's like the sixth time in 2 weeks this same person has wanted you to work late with them. You're feeling like … [Read more...]

What’s Your Story?

I noticed on a group I created on Facebook, called "Single Super Moms", that they're were  lot of stories being told. Although, I do realize that we need to vent from time-to-time in order to release, it also gets me thinking that the more we tell … [Read more...]

A Simple Clarity Ritual

You can go even deeper in your ritual by taking some time to write about what you want. One of the best ways to tap into your desires is by journaling. At my retreats, we do several writing activities before the Vision Board adventure … [Read more...]